Perspectives in World Theatre

TH 203, Emerson College

This class explores the evolution of the theatrical form and its utility within societies. We survey theatre history and dramatic literature from its origin as ritual to contemporary postmodernism, focusing on how narratives have been adapted across time and culture to speak to new audiences. The first half of the semester considers a global theatre history leading up to the 20th century (Ancient Greece, Japan, India, China, Iran, England, France, Italy, Scandinavia), and the second half navigates the diverse array of theatrical perspectives within U.S. theatre (African American, Latinx, Asian-American, LGBTQ). Although it is a class on dramatic literature, my students spend significant time considering the relevance of theatrical texts to their particular historical moments, and we discuss important texts and theories on race, gender and sexuality, and performance studies.

Perspectives in World Theatre Syllabus